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Why Choose Grafi AI

Relevant, Researched, Reliable

Grafi AI™ provides quality, long-form content that leverages databases, scientific journals and your own sourced or vetted content.

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Part of the National Library of Medicine, the National Center for Biotechnology Information, and the National Institutes of Health. Contains over 34 million citations for biomedical literature.


Patient-focused, trusted health information resource for patients, their families and friends. Sourced from the National Institutes of Health and National Library of Medicine. 

Made for You

How it Works

Whether you're a healthcare freelance writer or an in-house marketer, Grafi AI makes writing easy.

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With Grafi AI you can:

  • Create quality content within minutes for a variety of readers

  • Reduce the burden of validating facts with pre-vetted sources

  • Leverage your own writing to generate new, SEO-friendly content

  • Train the AI/ML algorithm from your own body of research

Step 1

Write a draft headline or title for your content

Grafi AI will use this information to help you form a set of suggestions for your outline.

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Step 2

Add URLs or upload PDFs of content you've curated

Grafi AI pulls from your content to generate new, original content. It also leverages content published by certified healthcare databases.

Step 3

Organize your outline or edit your topics

Next, you can add or subtract content as you organize your outline based on suggested content from Grafi AI.

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Step 4

Watch Grafi AI work then tweak, rephrase, and export!

Once you polish, you can publish! Use your new content in website copy, doctor-patient advice, patient newsletters and more!

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