How Grafi AI Works

Grafi is compatible with private data sources. It is a safe and secure platform to upload data - and we never share it with other users.


Select Topic

You select a healthcare topic and enter keywords or a working title into the Grafi AI content creation platform


Assemble Info

Grafi's AI/ML chooses content from certified healthcare databases and content you supply


Structure Content

Using the source materials, Grafi AI’s engine recommends subtopics for your new content piece


Edit and Export

You organize, edit, rephrase, and evaluate the generated written content and export for your desired platform

Built for All Medical and Healthcare Writers

The difference between Grafi and other AI-assisted content writing is that Grafi only sources (and cites!) data from factual, medically-focused data providers.

Your generated content will have AMA style formatting and be healthcare persona specific.

Writing is both a science and an art, especially in healthcare! Let Grafi AI help you expedite the research so you can get from draft to creation to review with fewer hurdles.

If you're a freelance writer, adjusting your content for various audiences and clients is hard work. Grafi AI can help reduce the pre-work necessary for becoming well-versed in a topic. 


Vetted and Trusted

Grafi AI has surveyed healthcare writers from multiple working scenarios - bloggers, newsletter creators, patient-doctor communications, SEO-strategists, ghost-writers and more. We built what we heard you needed. And we’re still building to make it better and better so you can always trust the content you generate through Grafi.

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Grafi AI’s platform is for anyone who wants:

  1. Quick access and quality excerpts from reputable and approved, peer-reviewed healthcare publications on specific health topics.
  2. Help employing search engine optimization techniques to content that will live on websites. (Or content that needs a refresh.)
  3. Clean workspace that allows a streamlined process to go from topic, to audience, to outline, to creation without having to bounce between different platforms.
  4. Auto-generated paragraphs with reference attributions, plus a plagiarism checker for content that may be too similar to others.
  5. Metrics to measure whether content is at the proper reading level and error-free. (No more grammar/spelling whoops!)